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General Description : Sweet Springs Institute proposes programs and sponsors events that support its mission of "contributing to a new dream for humanity" through cultivating public awareness of conscious integrity, inter-connectivity, environmental stewardship, primordial presence, beneficial nutrition, ecology and spirituality. For a more detailed description, please click here: Proposed Programs

For more information, you may call 304 536 1207 from 8am-10am and from 7pm-10pm EST. To register for a specific event, please click here: Registration Form

Weekly Sessions : Life is Movement is a weekly 2-hour session designed to explore how our bodies are made to move. No particular experience is required because the tool we work with is our own physical structure in whatever state it happens to be, in the present moment. The goal of this guided exploration is twofold: first to become aware of what our bodies can do; and second, to awaken movement in areas which have become stagnant through modern life's emphasis on repetitive gestures that favor track-like motion rather than fluidity. To see the announcement for these sessions, please click here: Life is Movement

Yearly Events : Sweet Springs Institute holds yearly Solstice and Equinox events to honor the turning points in our planet's path around the sun. During these 3-4 day events, facilitators guide participants in exploring ways to experience conscious integrity by taking these special opportunities to focus our attention on our connection to the earth. Directly experiencing how our cycles are intimately linked to those of the earth acts as a support for the internal investigations proposed by the specific theme of each of these events. Click here to see the announcement for our next event: Summer Solstice Event

Special Events : As we develop our welcoming structure, we will be including more forums, workshops and classes into our event schedule. We are planning a special event entitled, We are Our Economy! in 2015. The dates and the announcement for this inter-traditional, inter-disciplinary event will be posted on our web-site. If you are interested in facilitating, organizing or participating in this event, please send an e-mail subject line "We are Our Economy" to participation@sweetspringsintitute.org

Sponsored Events : Sweet Springs Institute looks forward to sponsoring events held by like-minded individuals and organizations which support our mission of contributing to a new dream for humanity. If you are interested in holding an event at SSI, please send an e-mail describing the theme and scope of your event, subject line "Sponsored Events" to: participation@sweetspringsintitute.org

Venue : For a description of the venue, including photos of the accommodations, please click here: Welcoming Structure