Sweet Springs Institute for conscious integrity
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sweet springs institute

m i s s i o n

Description : Sweet Springs Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is "to contribute to a new dream for humanity by cultivating public awareness of conscious integrity".

Conscious integrity is the force at play when sentient beings interact in a way that enhances our connection to each other and to the all-encompassing whole of which we are a part. It is a state of being that comes from the heart and it can be experienced in our relationships to one another, to our communities, economy and environment.

Objectives : We hope to serve humanity in two ways. The first is by offering co-creative programs and interdisciplinary events where conscious integrity can be experienced directly by interested participants. The second is by hosting inter-traditional and inter-disciplinary encounters designed to revive our connection to our true selves and to our primary provider and supporter - the Earth.

Means: As a means to accomplishing these objectives, we are committed to collaborating with fellow beings in all walks of life, with representatives of the world's primordial traditions and with specialists in both the arts and sciences to acquaint the public with discoveries that will inspire our species to focus its attention on the question: "What world do we intend to live in and leave… to future generations?"

It is our intent to enhance human potential and capacity to inform this global question by providing a disciplined structure in which to explore the prerequisite question inspired by Buckminster Fuller and addressed to each of us, personally: "If you knew it were up to you, how would you be, what would you do?" and in answering it, to discover specific and unique ways of contributing to a new dream for humanity.

a b o u t   o u r   l o g o

Description : The logo is a mirror image formed by juxtaposing the two "s's" for Sweet Springs. As when the eyes are crossed, the mirror image creates a dream space, here, in the shape of a vase. Only the fragile curved walls of the vase create the illusion that the space inside is separate from the space outside.

To resolve the riddle of this illusion, a precious seed for evolution has been placed inside the heart of the vase for safekeeping. The seed contains the eye, or "I" for Institute which will grow to fulfill its goal of enhancing human awareness through conscious integrity. As the vision unfolds, the heart opens to include possibilities perceived through its ever-evolving "eye" of awareness, the eye through which human beings discover their own unique ways of contributing to a new dream for humanity.