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If you wish to use this form, please copy it into the body of an e-mail to send to Sweet Springs Institute. To accomplish this, follow these 3 easy steps: I. scroll down to the bottom of the page and place your cursor to the right of the last word, "left click" to select and highlight the text and start moving from right to left and up to top, then, while holding your cursor on top of the highlighted text, right click "copy". II. Now click here: participation@sweetspringsintitute.org. III. When the e-mail form opens up, place your cursor in the body of the m essage and right click "paste" to insert the copied text into the body of the message. Fill in your personal information and type in your text, it will appear in blue, and click on "send".

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Nacho's Four Questions : In the spirit of becoming more aware of what we are doing and why, Nacho asked the following questions of each of the participants in the original Sweet Springs Dream Project which gave birth to Sweet Springs Institute:

  1. What is your dream? How do you see your personal goals or your life's purpose coinciding with SSI's goal of contributing with conscious integrity to a new dream for humanity? Type here:

  2. What do you feel inspired to contribute to the realization of these goals? What are you able to give? What are you ready to give? Type here:

  3. What are you re-arranging in your current life, or what are you willing to let go of, to make this possible? Type here:

  4. What do you expect to receive in exchange? Type here:

In addition to the above questions, you may be inspired to write about any of the following :

Your motivation to participate in contributing to a shared dream and building community at Sweet Springs Institute… Type here:

Your areas of expertise, where your talents and strong points lie? areas where you have experience or skills… a description of your experience… Type here:

What comes easy to you… areas where you would like you share your expertise or pass it on to others… areas where you would like to guide others in certain fields… Type here:

Areas you would like to explore or acquire more knowledge about through experience… areas where you would like to be guided by a more experienced individual… Type here:

What you enjoy about working in groups… experiences you have had while working with others… the magic ingredient in these experiences… Type here:

Your feelings about community and working in groups… what you see as your challenges when doing so… difficulties you have experienced… what you see as your challenges in working with others… fears would you like to be able to let go of… fears or challenges you are currently working on… Type Here:

Experiences you have from working with your challenges that you would like to share with others… Type here:

Other areas of awareness you are exploring at the moment… or would like to further explore, using the discipline and structure of the group situation offered at a place like SSI… Type here:

Thoughts about what it might mean to be a co-operative component… Type here:

To mark specific areas of activity listed below you would you like to contribute to, place your cursor to left of the box and type "x" :

  • Accounting
  • Artwork
  • Communications
  • Composting
  • Construction
  • Facilitating
  • Firewood
  • Food Preparation
  • Forestry
  • Fundraising
  • Harvesting
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance Outdoor
  • Maintenance Indoor
  • Music
  • Networking
  • Orchard Care
  • Organic Gardening
  • Organization
  • Program Development
  • Public Relations
  • Researching
  • Teaching
  • Theatre
  • Trail Blazing
  • Video Production
  • Wild food gathering

Add any other areas of human endeavor to which you would be interested in contributing! To copy and paste this Participation Form into an e-mail, PLACE CURSOR HERE "left click" and drag towards left and upward.