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Beneficial Nutrition : "How to Correct Food Attention Deficiency (FAD)" - A Series on Conscious Integrity and Nutrition. In this series, we will explore ways of reconnecting with our genetic heritage as hunters and gatherers to re-engage our attention on food. Participants will discover how interacting intimately with our food not only nourishes our bodies and allows us to function at a higher energy level, but is also deeply satisfying. It fulfills a basic human need we are programmed to meet, the lack of which can lead to various disorders such as food obsession and addiction.

Workshops and forums in this series will focus on seeking beneficial nutrition by exploring home grown foods, fermented foods, sprouted foods, medicinal herbs, bio-dynamic gardening, food as medicine, and by creating co-ops to support local produce, and bulk suppliers with community distributors.

Connecting With Our Personal Purpose : If you knew it were up to you, how would you be, what would you do? - A Series on Conscious Integrity and Personal Purpose. Our goal as individuals is to discover our purpose for being here on Earth and, as a species, to discover our place in the general scheme of the universe. This series will focus on connecting with our personal purpose by finding an answer to the above question inspired by the architect and visionary Buckminster Fuller. We will explore how to express our individual talents and predilections in a way that connects us to the common purpose and contributes to the well-being and integrity of the one earth community that we are.

Earth Attention Deficiency : “Recovering from Earth Attention Deficiency” - A Series on Conscious Integrity and the Earth. At a time when human beings are suffering more and more acutely from a loss of connection to themselves and to their environment, this program is designed to explore ways to revive our connection to our true selves and to our primary provider and supporter – the Earth.

Ecology-Spirituality : “Exploring the Intimate Relationship between Ecology and Spirituality” - A Series on Conscious Integrity and Ecology. This is a series of inter-disciplinary forums and educational events designed to inspire and empower individuals to respect themselves and their environment by exploring fundamental link between the well-being of our species and the well-being of our planet. The focus on presence in our world is a means for more fully experiencing the gift of life that has been bestowed upon us. (Inspired by the Karma Ling Institute, St. Hugon, France)

Intending Our World: “What World Do We Intend to Live In and Leave to Future Generations?” - A Series on Conscious Integrity and Assembly. This inter-disciplinary series is dedicated to collaborating with specialists in both the arts and the sciences to acquaint the public with discoveries that will inspire our species to focus its attention on the question: “What world do we intend to live in… and leave to future generations?”

The programs in this series are designed to enhance human capacity to answer this global question by presenting scientific evidence of how our world is assembled which supports the idea that there is pragmatic value in acting with conscious integrity. Scientists and seers, artists and technocrats will collaborate on specific projects whose goal is to contribute to assembling a world that we can consciously leave to future generations.

Spontaneous Hierarchy : "A New Paradigm for Human Organization" - A Series on Conscious Integrity in Group Activity. In this series, participants will explore ways to contribute to group endeavors and build upon the contributions of others in the accomplishment of a given task. Drawing upon the ancient Greek definition of the word hierarchy where hieros means sacred and arkes means rule, they will experience the emergence of "spontaneous hierarchy" where the point of reference is allowed to shift in accordance with the design of a higher source as it is spontaneously expressed through the talents and capacities of each individual.

The goal of the experiential events in this series is to demonstrate the pragmatic value of a new paradigm for human organization in which no contribution is considered insignificant, all are acknowledged, and all are honored. The various themes of these events encourage the participation of people from all walks of life to cultivate the awareness that all of us, in our own unique ways, are challenged and gifted, all are equal.

United Traditions Initiative : "Experiencing Unity of Purpose through Diversity of Expression" - A Series for Embracing all Paths to Presence and Freedom of Perception. These inter-traditional encounters celebrate the threads of diversity that weave the fabric of unity which is man's primordial connection to presence. The purpose of these encounters is to keep the spark of this connection alive and to let it guide us in our daily lives, so the endeavors of the world's primordial traditions and those of the western world may be undertaken with the awareness that by working together man can sustain the delicate balance that allows our species to survive.

For more information on the United Traditions Initiative, please click here: United Traditions Initiative

Water Awareness : "Where does it come from? Where does it go?" An outreach campaign inviting humans who inhabit the earth to discover how the way we use water affects on our own state of health and that of our fellow beings. Please click here to check for articles to be published throughout 2014 in our local newspaper, The Watchman: The Water Awareness Series

We Are Our Economy! : "Exploring the Wise Use of our Planet's Human and Natural Resources." A Series on the Relationship between Interior Economy and Exterior Economy. The goal of this series is to cultivate public awareness of the fundamental link between the well-being of our bodies and the well-being of our planet. Individual forums will be centered on answering such vital questions as: How does everything we do affect ourselves, our communities, our economy and our environment? How would truly healthy bodies contribute to a healthy economy and in turn contribute to the health of our environment? How can we structure our world so that businesses play a part in preserving it? At this turning point in the history of man, how can every individual play a part in the new economy? Can a thriving economy arise out of the wise use of human resources and the wise use of its natural resources? Can a finely tuned mind achieve ultimate satisfaction by opening a repair business? Workshops will propose apprenticeships for participants to experience different ways of participating in a new economy.

We, the People : "What We, the People Can Do to Make our Dream Come True" - A Series on Conscious Integrity and Individual Responsibility. The goal of this series is to take full advantage of the turning point in our history as a global community to develop innovative projects for contributing with conscious integrity to a new dream for humanity: a dream that works for the whole and all of its parts; a dream for sustainability, for accountability and for the wise use of the natural and human resources of our planet; a dream that encourages the enthusiastic participation of all to usher in A New Era of Democracy.


Sweet Springs Institute is honored to sponsor the "Democracy School" as part of this ongoing series of educational events designed to inspire civic responsibility and commitment to the democratic process.

By focusing on the evolution of democracy, from the founding of our great nation to the present time, these classes empower people to usher in a new era of responsibility to ourselves, our communities and our environment. For more information on the program content, please visit: www.celdf.org/what-is-democracy-school

The first "Democracy School" sponsored by Sweet Springs Institute was held in June of 2012 at Marvin Chapel on Willow Bend Road outside of Union, WV. The 3-day event drew 20 eager participants who were empowered by the understanding that democracy is an ongoing process which cannot evolve without the active participation of all classes and groups of people expressing their diverse needs and interests.

Donations were raised to cover costs of program presentation, participant workbooks, meals and the instructors' transportation. Supporters from the local community graciously offered use of the beautiful Marvin Chapel as a venue for the school, accommodations for the instructors in the historic guest house at Salt Sulphur Springs and gave generous donations which allowed us to provide scholarships for motivated citizens lacking available funds. For more information on this ongoing educational endeavor, please call Sweet Springs Institute at 304 536 1207 or click here to send an email, subject line "A New Era of Democracy" to: registration@sweetspringsinstitute.org

To support this ongoing effort to raise public awareness, you may make a tax-deductible donation by check (to Sweet Springs Institute, 626 Cove Creek Road, Sweet Springs, WV 24941, earmarked "A New Era of Democracy") OR by credit or debit card by clicking on the PayPal secure payment "Donate" button below.

Your financial information is not made available to anyone. You will be asked if you wish to receive a Donation Receipt indicating the amount of your tax-deductible donation. PayPal will display a Payment Confirmation page after you make your donation to let you know that your contribution has been completed successfully. Click the "View Printable Receipt" link to print receipts for your records.

The intent of this series is to reestablish our commitment to freedom and engage the participation of people of various age groups, socio-economic backgrounds and cultures who are inspired to usher in A New Era of Democracy.